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Top 5 Best Baseball Sliding Shorts 2020 Reviewed

As baseball players, we’ve all been there before…

Sliding feet first into second base, making diving plays on defense and close plays at the plate can sometimes result in injury to the lower body. If you don’t have protective gear, you’re more than likely to get bumps, bruises and last, but not least, the inevitable nasty brush burns!

Remember the feeling the last time you took a shower with a fresh brush burn? If it happened once, you don’t want it to happen again.

Unfortunately, it can cause “gun-shy” and can deter anyone from wanting to give the extra effort to make the close play for your team. In addition, these minor ailments have an immediate effect on your playing performance because of the pain and discomfort.

It used to happen to me all the time, until I stumbled upon a certain set of sliding shorts. I couldn’t believe how I felt when sliding into second base or stealing third. It was like I never felt hard dirt ever again.

I had cracked the code!

Years ago, I used to use compression shorts and thought it would be enough to protect my thighs from getting injured when sliding. Evidently, I was naive to think this and ultimately I was completely wrong.

Now, with that being said, I didn’t know what was out there… until I started buying new and improved protective gear.

Some were better than others, but there was one in particular that, when wearing them, felt like I was batman. It changed my career in a very positive way - physically and mentally.

Here’s the deal, when you have protection in places that you know will be susceptible to injury, you play harder. You perform better because you aren’t thinking about “what if I slide?”

Top 5 Sliding Shorts for Baseball Players

Well, here it is folks - this sliding shorts guide is for all ages, all skill levels and it ranks a top five that I have tried, tested and fully recommend without hesitation.

You may not find these when searching for baseball sliders. The reason being is because they aren’t advertised for the sport of baseball. It’s actually a lacrosse impact short for ultimate protection against slashing attacks.

The Shock Doctor Shockskin were the last pair I gave a try, after buying and using all baseball specific sliding shorts. These are, by far, the most protective, relaxed and comfortable pair of sliding shorts. There are many ball players out there that are missing out on this product, simply because they don’t know about it.

I consider the Shock Doctor Shockskin Impact Short as sliding shorts with a cup pocket. It’s a more comfortable and snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about that issue.

Key Features

  • Integrated Fabric
  • Vented Foam Pads
  • Stability for proper cup position
  • 5-Pad ShockSkin Protection - protects outer thigh, all the way up to the hip

Easton is one of baseball’s best brands, especially for sliding shorts. Just like our first choice, the Elite Extra’s have outstanding padding.

When I wore these, it felt like I was wearing compression shorts. At the same time, however, I felt a “safe” feeling because you can feel a solid thick layer of protection on your outer thighs and hips. They are lightweight, but are super powerful.

Most players would be excited that it has a cup holder and is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The fabric is Bio-Dri, which wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

Key Features

  • Excellent padded material
  • Very Lightweight
  • Bio-Dri Fabric - Great wicking material
  • Amazing Baseball Brand (Easton)
  • Has a Cup Holder

This is for all you catchers out there that need protective gear! Talk about extra padding in places you need it most - the All-Star S7’s are one of the finest baseball sliding shorts for catchers.

They are a little bit longer than most sliding shorts, but that’s because they have a protective foul ball design in mind. This means that there is some extra padding in the inner thigh areas.

Catchers wear a lot of gear, so you don’t want your sliding shorts to be super thick. Good news with the S7’s - the padding is only 3mm thick!

Key Features

  • Cup holder
  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Foul ball protection
  • Extra padding on inner thighs
  • Padding only 3mm thick

The moment you take a look at the G-Form sliding shorts, you’ll immediately think of “protection.” You can actually see exactly where the padding is because of how they are designed.

I decided to give them a try. I love carrying at least 5 pairs of sliding shorts, plus I rotate wearing each one.

The results?

Incredible. I wear these quite often actually. G-Form makes some pretty impressive baseball gear and they didn’t disappoint with these sliders.

It has what G-Form calls “silicone grippers in the elastic bands around the thighs.” I always wondered why they always stay in place, unlike other sliders I tried. Well, it’s because of the silicone grippers. It just helps you stay focused on the game and not worry about pulling up your shorts every time you run.

Key Features

  • Added protection - Cup Holder
  • Excellent padding on hips and thighs
  • Moisture-wicking fabric - keeps ball player dry and comfortable
  • Machine washable

A breath of fresh air - Marucci! I absolutely love Marucci products / gear. They do a great job and they have been focused on baseball for years, so you know they care about the details.

These are extremely lightweight, which is great for speedsters that make their living on the bases. They have what Marcuci calls, “spandex fabric.” This helps with ease of movement with your legs.

The thing I love about this pair of sliding shorts, is the fact that it has great padding on the sides where I slide the most (thighs and hips) and also they are so comfortable!

Key Features

  • Integrated cup pocket
  • Moisture management fabric to help keep you dry
  • Extreme comfort during the game
  • Excellent padding in the areas you need it most

Options with Knee Pads

For catchers, this is one of the best protective gear inventions in the game of baseball. Not only can you get protection for sliding, but also for being on your knees. In addition, sometimes we slide feet first and one of our knees is tucked in, which would make sense to protect our knees.

Middle infielders are also on their knees quite a bit when diving for ground balls or turning two up the middle.

Now, what we suggest for everyone is to buy a pair of sliding shorts and a pair of knee pads. Compression padded tights aren't really useful because there are no pads on the outer thighs and hips.

Here’s a great option for all types of players:

Knee Pads

Youth Slider Options

Our top 5 list can be used for any age group. However, there are some pretty cool age-specific (youth) sliding shorts that have a little extra padding in just the right areas. Here they are:

For Catchers

An amazing option for catchers!

For Infielders

Outstanding choice for infielders!

For all Youth Players

Great for any position!

Choosing the Right Pair of Sliding Shorts

When choosing protective gear, you need to look for specific things to make sure you are getting what you need.

Listen... It took me a very long time to figure all of this out and I want to share that with you right now. With that said, all sliding shorts on this guide have what I describe below.

Here are the things you should look for when choosing baseball sliding shorts.

Padding Material

Look for baseball specific fabric materials. Obviously for this type of gear, you should look for the right type of padding materials that will help keep your body fully protected. Nothing cheap. Also, look for fabrics that pull heat away from your legs so you can keep cool on even the hottest days!

Moisture-Wicking Material

Shorts that are created with moisture-wicking fabrics help soak up sweat from the body. This provides a dry and clean feeling, so look for that type of fabric. The top baseball sliding shorts will have antimicrobial fabrications, which prevents growth of odor-causing microbes.

Size & Fit

First and foremost, be sure you aren’t restricted in terms of mobility. With that said, you want your sliders to be a snug and secure fit so you can run freely and feel great while playing.

Padded Areas

Not only should you get sliders that have padding on the outer thighs, but also on the hips. If you want to take it a step further, go for baseball sliding shorts with knee pads. Either way, you’ll want the most protection in the most important areas so you can make the diving play or slide into second safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you just read our full review. Now it’s time to answer any questions you may have, or questions we ran into during the search.

What are baseball sliding shorts?

Baseball sliders are very similar to compression shorts in terms of material and a snug fit that you wear underneath your baseball pants. The only difference is that they provide extra padding on the outer thigh areas, hips and sometimes the tailbone. They are considered protective gear in the sport of baseball that prevent injury from sliding on dirt and grass.

Are sliders and compression shorts the same thing?

The materials are very comparable - a smooth and typically snug-fitting fabric. Sliding shorts have strategically placed padding on the sides, hips and tailbone, while compression shorts do not have any padding at all.

How are sliding shorts supposed to fit?

They are supposed to be a very snug fit, much like compression shorts. Sliders should be another layer of padding underneath your baseball pants.

Final Thoughts

Our recommended list of sliding shorts for baseball players is unlike any other because I tested all of these items myself.

If you want the absolute best, go with the Shock Doctor ShockSkin pair. This is outside the box thinking since it is lacrosse gear. That never mattered to me because I wanted to feel strong out on the field and go full-speed.

Any of the other options are great choices as well and it all depends on your budget and what you are looking to get out of them.

If you need knee pads as an attachment, choose between the three options - you can’t go wrong.

For all parents that are looking to get something protective for their youth player - get something on this list because any one of these provide the most protection for your kid.

That’s going to be all for now. We appreciate you reading our article and hope you crack the code just like I did! Good luck, and PLAY BALL!